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Valley Exchanges provides cash loans for items of value, such as jewelry, luxury watches, gold or silver bullion, coins, some electronics and other collectibles. It’s a simple and easy process. Just bring in the item and let us know you would like to pawn it. We’ll evaluate the item and give you our maximum loan amount.


Everyone needs cash sometimes. An unforeseen utility bill, your car needs repair, an appliance breaks or an unplanned trip to the emergency room. Whatever your reasons we can provide instant cash at legal California regulated rates, No loan sharks here!!!


Pawn FAQs

  • What is Pawn?
    A pawn is another term for a non-recourse collateralized loan. Valley Exchanges loans cash on items of value, such as gold and/or diamonds and jewelry, luxury watches, gold or silver bullion, coins, some electronics and other collectibles.
  • How long do I have to pay back the loan?
    California law designates that you have 120 days plus a 10-day grace period to pay back the loan. If you pay the loan sooner, the only interest you will be responsible for is what has accrued. At Valley Exchanges, we offer renewals if you need more time.
  • What do I need to be eligible for a loan?
    All you need to receive a loan from Valley Exchanges is an item for collateral and proper ID (state or federal ID card, driver’s license or passport). You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Will you run a credit check and if I don’t repay the loan will it have an effect on my credit?
    No and no. We will not run a credit check. Valley Exchanges offers non-recourse collateralized loans. If you decide not to repay the loan, you simply forfeit your collateralized item and there is no reporting to any credit bureau.
  • How do I reclaim my items?
    Valley Exchanges will issue you a pawn receipt. Simply return your receipt, repay the loan and any fees and you receive the item back. That simple!
  • Is Valley Exchanges a licensed pawnbroker?
    Valley Exchanges is fully licensed by the State of California and local authorities and subject to federal laws. We are also bonded and insured.

For All Your Cash & Loan Needs Call Valley Exchanges Today!

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