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We Will Pay You Cash For Your Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver

We have been buying & selling Gold & Silver for many years and have earned our customers trust providing them with the best prices and quality to accommodate every budget.

First, we’ll analyze the metal content of your gold or silver by X-ray to ensure authenticity and accurate valuation.


We realize not all jewelry may be in pristine condition, but that doesn’t mean it has lost all its value. Whether you have jewelry or watches in pristine condition, or you have pieces that have missing stones and are broken, we will always offer you a fair price for each item.


The value of your gold is often dependent on the fineness and weight of the items you bring in for consideration, but there are also other factors that must be considered. This includes how collectible an item may be, its intrinsic value, and other factors that are specifically unique to the item. Not every gold buyer considers these additional factors, but our experience has taught us that it is vitally important to look at the value of each and every piece in its entirety.

What you can expect from us:

Easy Stress Free Environment


Honest Evaluation Of Your Gold & Silver

Buying & Selling Options For Your Items

Fair Cash Offer Based On The Condition And Value

Cash Paid To You Immediately


Purity testing by X-ray analysis. No scratching or harsh acids used on your valuables!

We Also Pay Top Dollar For All Sterling Silver Items

Flatware, spoons, knifes, forks, tea sets, trophies, bowls, goblets, candle holders, Sterling silver in any form such as jewelry & watches and Franklin Mint silver and gold medals and coins.

 For All Your Gold & Silver Needs Call Valley Exchanges Today!

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