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Coins & Bullion

Valley Exchanges Is A Buyer And Seller Of Precious Metals And Coins

Valley Exchanges buys and sells all type of gold and silver coins and bullion. We are determined to give you the most cash for your coins or bullion. Whether you have rare numismatic valued coins or precious metal content coins/bullion, Valley Exchanges is a buyer. We buy any coin valued by PCGS or NGC. If you have raw or ungraded coins we can determine a value on the spot. We also pay top dollar for “junk silver” (pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars). We pay cash!

If you’re interested in buying coins or bullion, we stock 1 oz. coins and bars in both gold and silver. We will quote over the phone, so feel free to call anytime for pricing. We will not be undersold.

For large collections we do in-house evaluations.

Feel free to call Valley Exchanges for any other questions you may have: 760-320-8777.

Examples Of What We Buy

gold and silver coins and bullion

Gold & Silver Coins & Bullion

silver coins

Silver Coins

Graded Coins

What Exactly Is Bullion?

Bullion is basically a term used for precious metals that are specifically made in forms that are meant to be used for purposes of taking physical ownership of the metals.

If you’re not sure about selling your bullion, we also offer bullion loans. In this case, you can retain ownership of your bullion and still get the cash you may need now. A bullion loan is a collateral loan, which is for a short term, giving you 120 days to repay the loan.